Project ISO map


I’m splitting development into sprints with set objectives. The primary target is to develop the game to a playable state at the end of each sprint. This is to ensure motivation is maintained, progress can be tested and feedback can be received on the current state.

Strictly speaking, the first sprint was completed a few weeks ago but I’ve continued to experiment and learn. So it’s run over a bit and I want to get some thoughts written down as I come up to my final few days on sprint two.


So, the first actual task I had to look into was rendering an isometric tiled map. There’s plenty of resources regarding this on the web. Though they weren’t entirely applicable due to some technical choices I’ve made, I got going pretty quickly on it.

After some messing around and learning I eventually arrived at a dynamically built map which could be resized and filled with a bunch of different tile types.

Project ISO map size


So this initial artwork is not my own, I am using the excellent asset packs by Kenney. I’m not 100% sure how much if any of this stuff will be in the final game since it’s cheery aesthetic doesn’t match the ideas in my head, but it certainly helps to have such high quality placeholder for now!

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